Closed beta-test of the game Xenobot2

09 August 2015

We are glad to announce the beginning of the closed beta-test of the game Xenobot2.

For the new version game players it will be available:

• 60 levels of a player`s pumping;
• 5 robots classes;
• more than 100 missions;
• more than 60 enemies;
• 4 PVP game modes;
• PVP tournaments;
• more than 20 achievements;
• huge number of details for robots assembly;
• more than 20 internal modules;
• more than 10 new effects.

Beta-test questions:

What is the purpose of the beta-test?
The main purpose of the test is to check the game efficiency and to collect the players reviews.
Now it is impossible to ensure the perfect balance or that these or those combat units, maps, abilities, and game functions will not be changed.
We can`t guarantee servers will work stably during the tournament too.

How many players are you going to invite to participate the test?
It depends on current needs. If during the test it is turned out that it is need to increase the number of players, we will send more invitations.

Is it possible to broadcast fights or create content related to the beta-version of the game?
Of course! The only condition - you will have to point that your broadcast and content are related to Xenobot2 beta version.

I want to send feedback about Xenobot2 beta-version. How can I share my thoughts and suggestions with the developers?
We have opened the forum where you can see topics and leave messages. Developers look through all the publications daily, but we can`t answer all the players` messages.

I have difficulties using one of Xenobot2 functions. Whom can I report about it to?
Leave a message at the beta-test forum in the bugs section. Members of our quality control team will solve all technical issues.

While testing I found a bug! How can I tell about it?
About all the bugs you can report at the relevant section of the beta-test forum.
This will allow us to determine the number of players had those or other problems and get information about their computers, if it is necessary.

Can I play on different devices by one account?
Yes, if you sign up, you can use any device or platform.

What kind of content will be available while testing?
We don`t limit any content in the beta-test except data chips buying. To get data chips you need to use promo-code pointed in the invitation.

How long will the testing take place?
The exact date of the end of the test has not been determined yet, but we will announce it in advance.

Will the iOS devices holders be able to participate the beta-test?
iOS versions of the game is planning in October, while it is possible to play browser-based version of the game.

Which regions will it be available the beta-version of the game in? Which languages does ​​it support?
The beta-version will be released in all regions in English and Russian languages.

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