Schiess spy

19 January 2015

Today January 22, 2515 the military detachment of General Luas noticed unusual aborigine of Schiess race. He was moving soaring the ground. He disappeared into the jungle quickly while they were trying to grab him. The Corporation thinks this the new kind of Schiess aborigine exploring the territory.

It was an opinion among the colonists long time that Schiess society is devoided of culture and civilized customs are alien to them. But this view was based on hasty judgment about the nature Schiess world. Their society wasn`t rude and barbarous. On the contrary the experts consider it as one of the most complicated by the structure and the organization. In the framework of the society each member has a clearly defined place.

"We will make an attempt to capture a new aborigine, but the number of aliens in this region was really great," - said the deputy general.

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