The new version of the game Xenobot 2 is being prepared for release!

03 June 2015

Dear players!

We`re preparing release of a new part of the game and we would like to tell you about some changes we made in the second part of the game. The changes will concern all aspects of the game.

1. Missions.

All the missions will be more dynamic and will have a purpose. The following types of the missions will be available at the start of the game:

Story lines (6 parts)
Missions where the player knows what happened to Prometheus and other colonists.

All the ore and energy mining missions will be in the automatic mode only.

Attack category is the missions where the player will have to destroy or capture a particular object. For example, it is bosses destruction or an enemy bases attack, a trucks convoys destroy and others.

Protection category is the missions where the player will have to defend an object. For example, it is tracking of an object, protection of buildings or retention resource points.

PVP arena
On the arena players can fight
each other or play in team joining forces. Now players can use not one robot only but play by a team also.

PVP pirate
PVP pirate mode will allow players to scan the planet and search the missions where other players are, to fight with them and pick up their cargo.

2. Robots classes.

5 classes of robots will be available in the game:

 Each class can have only one type of weapon. Due to the classes a player will have to choose different robots for a team for different types of missions.

3. Monsters.

The inhabitants of the planet became much more smarter. For example, they can escape from a player to heal themselves.
There are new units, like Schiess-spy who calls an army of soldiers, if not to destroy him on time. Or Schiess-engineer who heals soldiers.
New bosses. There are bosses having different features of warfare in the game.

4. Impacts.

New impacts will be available for a player. For example, speed increasing of bots movement, turrets, mines and others.

5. Internal modules.

New internal modules for robots are developed: additional armor plates, regenerators, amplifiers and others.

6. Tournaments.

Tournaments between the players will take place twice a month. The goal of the tournament is to win the greatest number of times on the arena. The top three winners will receive valuable prizes.

7. Achievements are added.

A player will be given incentive valuable prizes for a task execution.

The estimated time of release is June 2015.



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