09 August 2015
We are glad to announce the beginning of the closed beta-test of the game Xenobot2.

For the new version game players it will be available:

• 60 levels of a player`s pumping;
• 5 robots classes;
• more than 100 missions;
• more than 60 enemies;
• 4 PVP game modes;
• ...
03 June 2015

Dear players!

We`re preparing release of a new part of the game and we would like to tell you about some changes we made in the second part of the game. The changes will concern all aspects of the game.

04 February 2015

President of "Innovation X" corporation announced the launch of a new research of protective armor plates for warbots.

19 January 2015

Today January 22, 2515 the military detachment of General Luas noticed unusual aborigine of Schiess race. He was moving soaring the ground. He disappeared into the jungle quickly while they were trying to grab him. The Corporation thinks this the new kind of Schiess aborigine exploring the territory.

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